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Commercial Door Repair In Pueblo from DH Pace and Overhead Door Company of Pueblo™

Commercial Door Repair in Pueblo

What We Offer

Installation Services

DH Pace and our partners at Overhead Door Company of Pueblo™ will provide fast and faultless installation for any commercial product. An expedient, hassle-free installation keeps your business running smoothly, which is why all products from our comprehensive catalog are installed by our certified technicians. Their speed and expertise will ensure your business comes away with lasting commercial solutions in no time. 

Compliance Services

DH Pace's Compliance Services team in Pueblo will ensure every element of your business' facility meets all codes and regulations. DH Pace can leverage our years of training and practical experience to support your commercial facility with code consulting, field labeling, training, and door inspection.

Hosted Security Services

DH Pace in Pueblo can provide your facility with lasting security. Our certified technicians offer rapid on-site installation for our sizable inventory of modernized security systems at locations across Southeastern Colorado. Our products include UL Listed Central Station Alarm Monitoring, modern computer servers, and advanced monitoring software. 

Planned Maintenance

Early attention to facility maintenance can save you significant money later in your facility's lifecycle. Planned Maintenance Agreements (PMA) with DH Pace are an upfront investment in the long-term care of your building. Enrollment is free and comes with priority scheduling and discounts. You can rest easy knowing that certified DH Pace technicians will oversee extensive inspections and regular, thorough maintenance as part of your PMA.

Emergency Repair Services

DH Pace in Pueblo offers 24/7/365 emergency repair because an emergency for you is an emergency for us. That's why you can turn to us whenever you find yourself in need of rapid repair and service. Whatever the cause, be it storm damage, vandalism, or additional damage, trust DH Pace to support your business.

Site Assessments & Inspections

Routine site assessments are vital for the continued efficacy and safety of your commercial facility. They promote improvements in inventory security and the safety and security of employees and patrons. When evaluating your commercial facility, DH Pace in Pueblo offers comprehensive assessments to identify room for facility upgrades and security solutions.

How We Do It

No matter the size or scope of the project, Overhead Door Company of Pueblo™ offers an industry-leading commercial door repair in Pueblo that includes:

The DH Pace Difference

Certified Experts

Our technicians can diagnose your facility's key issues and then repair them quickly. We're so confident in our certified technicians because the DH Pace team has years of rigorous training and comprehensive experience in our field. No matter your issue, we will bring your commercial facility long-term solutions.

Premium Inventory

Alongside Overhead Door Company of Pueblo™, DH Pace is the one-stop shop for commercial door equipment your facility needs. DH Pace has the single most extensive catalog of premium commercial products in Southeastern Colorado, which includes doors, loading docks, security systems, and more.

Specialized Solutions

No two buildings are the same, and so no two commercial facilities have the same challenges. DH Pace will provide your facility with the customized solutions needed to meet your individual needs. We will collaborate with you throughout the project to ensure we completely understand how best to serve you.

Dependable Service

Pueblo and Southeastern Colorado facility owners depend on DH Pace to provide reliable, effective solutions to their commercial needs. We take our job seriously, and the minute you bring our team on board, we'll work to solve your facility's challenges.

Lifecycle Building Support

DH Pace will provide you with the support you need, no matter the lifecycle of your business and facility. Construction, repair, maintenance, renovation—no matter the challenge, our certified professionals have the expertise to keep your facility running effectively. That way, you can spend the lifetime of your business focusing on what matters.

Commercial Products for Our Community

DH Pace is a proud member of the Pueblo and Southeastern Colorado community, and that’s why we’ve made it our mission to provide our home with the absolute best service possible.

Our reputation matters to us, and we make sure to embody how much we respect our incredible community in everything we do.  That’s why commercial facilities all across Southeastern Colorado trust DH Pace for their commercial door needs.

We optimize every repair, replacement, and installation we undertake to provide you lasting, practical solutions to your building’s pain points. Though the needs of every facility are different, DH Pace in Pueblo approaches each project with the same passion for providing expert solutions and exceptional service. Your business’ needs are our priority.

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